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Yale Athletics Schedules


FRI       MARCH 31       Senior Boys Rugby vs Bristol England                                     4:30 PM

MON   APRIL 3            Junior Boys Rugby “B” vs Brookswood                                   3:00 PM

MON   APRIL 3            Junior Boys Rugby “A” vs Langley                                          4:15 PM                                                                      

TUES    APRIL 4            Senior Boys Rugby vs Lord Tweedsmuir                                 4:00 PM

WED    APRIL 5            Senior Girls Soccer vs Abby                                                     3:30 PM

THUR   APRIL 6            Senior Girls Rugby vs Mission                                                 4:00 PM

FRI       APRIL 7            Senior Boys Rugby vs Carson Graham (Rotary Stadium)        6:00 PM

MON   APRIL 10          Senior Girls Soccer vs Brookswood                                         3:30 PM

WED     APRIL 12         Junior Boys Rugby “B” vs Mouat                                            3:00 PM

WED    APRIL 12          Junior Boys Rugby “A” vs Mouat                                            4:30 PM

THUR   APRIL 13          Senior Girls Rugby vs Semiahmoo                                          4:00 PM

THUR   APRIL 13          Senior Boys Rugby vs Mouat  (Rotary Stadium)                     7:00 PM

WED    APRIL 19          Junior Boys Rugby “B” vs Charles Best                                   3:00 PM

WED    APRIL 19          Junior Boys Rugby “A” vs D.W. Poppy                                    4:15 PM

MON   APRIL 24          Senior Girls Soccer vs Mouat                                                  3:30 PM

THUR   APRIL 27          Senior Girls Rugby vs Gleneagle                                             4:00 PM

MON    MAY 1              Senior Girls Soccer vs Walnut Grove                                      3:30 PM

TUES    MAY 2              Senior Boys Rugby vs Elgin Park                                             4:00 PM

WED    MAY 3              Junior Boys Rugby “B” vs Walnut Grove                                3:30 PM