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If you need assistance, please email    
someone will try to help you as soon as they are available to do so.
New registrations can be emailed to the above address, or dropped off at the school when it reopens on the 28th of August.  
Please make sure all required documents are attached.  No incomplete registrations will be processed.

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School Staff

Meet the Staff


Name Email
Brian Bell
Sabrina Bidal
Ace Brar
Rachel Brodland
Nathan Bulat
Greg Byron
Rene Caron
Theresa Chan
Larry Colby
Colin Colquhoun
Silvia Comanescu
Erin Crawford
Tony Dekleva
Cara Denham
Sherry Dunn
Michael Finnigan
Mary Lou Gjos
Emily Goodliffe
Alana Gronkjaer
Andrew Hall
Julie Hart
Jane Hayhoe
Jim Heinrichs
Robert Hills
Jennifer Howard
Scott Hunter
Mike Ivany
Ron Jackson
Kerry Jung
Sarah Kehler
Vijay Klassen
Alan Klein
Julie Krossa
Jennifer Larsen
Holly Latam
Robert Lee
Lucie Loskot
Taryn MacDonald
Joel McCall
Anita McMahon
Courtney Mienkina
Curtis Penner
Alf Penner
Doug Primrose
Kirt Purdy
Clayton Radons
Soraya Rajabally
Euan Roberts
Franke Roffel
Christine Ross
Christy Sandison
Jennifer Schreyer
Quinea Schultz
Cheri Smith
Jan Solomon
Kim Sovio
Willis Taylor
Ali Tessarolo
Kym Toporowski
Tom vanHunenstijn
Karen Wedel
Rod White
Stan Wiebe
Trevor Wight
Billy Wilms
Cory Wong
Laura Yankov
Chris Yendall

Support Staff:

Name Position Email
Arlyn Eash Custodian - Daytime
Leslie Dycke Custodian - Evening
Ron Ewald Custodian - Evening
Elizabeth Mejia Custodian - Evening
Rudy Van Berkel Custodian - Evening
Deleine Perrie EA - Aboriginal
Brian Herrmann EA - Community Access Program
Pat Mitchell EA - Community Access Program
Del Harrison EA - Integrated
Ruth Jackson EA - Integrated
Larri June Miller EA - Integrated
Desiree Morhart EA - Integrated
Cory Tait EA - Integrated
Marisa Meola EA - Resource Room
Pat Hellinger EA- Resource Room
Al Brathwaite EA-Integrated
Amanda Donovan EA-Integrated
Rebecca Lin International Assistant
Christina Ugalde International Assistant
Rebecca Yeam International Assistant
Sharon Hooge Youth Care Worker